Barbera d'Asti: the secret in the terroir


The vineyards prove our identity with the territory. They are all the property of the company and located in the Commune of Agliano Terme, with some vines in the Commune of Montegrosso as well. We have about ten hectares, most of which are cultivated with Barbera vines, but we also produce small amounts of Grignolino, Syrah and Dolcetto for our wines Monferrato Rosso and Albarossa.

The way in which we work in the vineyards is simple, but essential, to obtain quality wines: we let the soil nourish the vine. This concept is not trivial, because the secret of the nourishment is in the clayish soil. The typical terroir of Barbera d'Asti gives its best results in this region, our difficult and fascinating mission is to keep it in the wine, starting from the vine. Wine is made first of all in the vineyards: we use treatments with the greatest care, we don't stress the plants during their growth, we select the buds and the best grapes.

Our manual work focuses on the vineyard: this is the best way to harvest grapes within the terroir which will then be conveyed to the wine.

In 2009 we opened the "Cascina La Marescialla" for all those who love wine tourism and contact with nature.


Our Wines

We went beyond the name of the wine, because we produce four different kinds of Barbera d'Asti.